Why Can’t We Just All Get Along?

These famous words by Rodney King seem to reverberate through my head as I think about some of the complications that managers and supervisors face when dealing with employee relations.  I know that is not possible to get along with everyone.  And that it is easy for managers in the day to day demands of production to overlook the very foundations of creating positive relations with their employees such as trust, respect, acknowledgment, and empowerment.

However as managers and leaders in an organization, it is essential to understand the impact of positive employee relations. My description is simplistic in that a positive/good employee relationship means to create an atmosphere which delivers what people look for and want in their business environment.  Employees want to feel trusted, respected, and good about who they are, what they do and where they work. They want to be comfortable with what their employer stands for and be a part of the organization’s mission and objectives. Maybe it is optimism that has me believing this.  But I don’t think so.   

It is my hope that with my blog we can share tips and ideas on how to create good relationships with employees.  As a Human Resources professional, I have seen the consequences to both managers and employees when we don’t even try.  Why can’t we just get along?  It just may be possible.  I invite you to follow this journey.  Please provide any comments/feedback you may have.  It is going to be great hearing from you!

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About Patricia Knight
Hello and welcome. My name is Patricia Knight. Thank you for taking the time to view my blog. I’m a Human Resources professional who is currently pursing an MBA at the University of Nevada-Reno. I am an analytical, detail-oriented professional who believes that collaboration and negotiation are critical for successful employee relations between leadership and employees.

2 Responses to Why Can’t We Just All Get Along?

  1. Great blog Patricia! It’s so difficult to get along with people, especially people at work when you “have” to get along. I have found that just being positive with anyone you interact can shed a whole new light on your relationship with coworkers. I think that when employees are comfortable and feel that they are trusted than the other areas will take care of themselves!

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