How Social Media Reignited My Passion

I never understood Social Media.  My limited knowledge had identified it as a collective term for Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Message Boards, and LinkedIn – “anywhere you can be social and interact with others.”  Admittedly, I had a negative view about it being a distraction for employees during work time that we in HR were being forced to manage. Still, I kept hearing that Social Media was important to the future of an organization and the new generation was demanding it.  This was when I decided I had better figure out what this Social Media craze was ~ or at least learn enough about it to try and accept it.

I searched everywhere for a class that taught Social Media/Personal Branding. There was nothing like it out there.  I became frustrated.  Finally, an opportunity could not have presented itself better than in the form a class taught by Bret Simmons.  The first day started with Bret introducing personal branding and social media.  The idea behind personal branding made sense to me as it was logical as to why it is important.  It wasn’t until it became apparent that the heart of personal branding lied in focusing on “our values” and being “remarkable” so (as Bret continually emphasizes) people would start to “remark about you.” It was then I realized I had stopped breathing.  All I could think and scream in my head was there was nothing remarkable about me! I had no idea what I valued ~ I don’t even know how to use Facebook or Twitter!  How was I going to do this!

After the introduction, the class was given an opportunity to leave at the break and there will be no questions asked.  I almost left…had one foot out the door.  It was the passion about this topic from Bret and my other classmates taking the advanced level that made me hesitate long enough to stay.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  From this class, I have seen how remarkable my classmates are through their blogs and watched as a classmate  received a job offer because of her personal brand. 

The impact of Social Media has had a positive effect on me as well as it has helped me to:      

Find My Voice

I was not thrilled with the idea of blogging because sharing my thoughts on the internet was downright scary.  What if they reject me?  Better yet, what if I run out of things to say?  What I have discovered is that blogging has opened up something inside me where I think, plan and reflect.  It forces me to read in order to gather the input I need for my output.  It is a place where I can play with technology and ideas.  Blogging has surprised me as I have so much I have wanted to say and now I am.  I find myself tape recording blog ideas because they just pop up out of nowhere – so much for not having anything to say. My blog is a place where I have learned to collaborate.

Understand the Importance of Networking

I was never good at putting myself out there, but I have learned that using Social Media allows me to expand and understand the importance of networking. Having the ability to interact with colleagues around the country/world about the challenges facing HR professionals and leaders has resulted in my ability to adopt the latest innovations and learn about the latest mistakes in order not to repeat them. By creating my network, I have increased my access to the newest information and cutting edge tools.

Re-Ignite My Passion

I was complacent in my job.  Don’t get me wrong – I like my job but I realized I was just going through the motions.  Social Media has re-ignited my passion to grow.  I am reading the latest and greatest things going on in the HR World from thought leaders.  I can’t wait to share the things I am experiencing with the world. I am more open now and share new ideas and thoughts on important HR and leadership subjects.  Leaders are coming to me for my opinion and feedback.  Social Media is keeping me on my A game, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m still nowhere near the front page of Google, but so far the journey to get there has been nothing but fun.

Do you have a story where Social Media changed you?  I would like to hear it.

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About Patricia Knight
Hello and welcome. My name is Patricia Knight. Thank you for taking the time to view my blog. I’m a Human Resources professional who is currently pursing an MBA at the University of Nevada-Reno. I am an analytical, detail-oriented professional who believes that collaboration and negotiation are critical for successful employee relations between leadership and employees.

2 Responses to How Social Media Reignited My Passion

  1. Patricia.

    Reading my own very feelings here! I was absolutely terrified to start my social media presence online. But now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve started to truly enjoy it; built some great business relationships and most of all, by writing, I dig deeper into my own thoughts. Quite powerful!

    Thank you! Happy social media efforts!

    –Jaana Eubanks

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