Change Can Create Opportunities

Change permeates each aspect of life: change at home, change growing up, change in relationships, and of course, change in the workplace. Change is inevitable, and embracing, rather than resisting, change is the best way to seize the moment and create positive outcomes. When it comes to workplace change, we need to look for opportunity underlying the dynamic situation presented, and take the necessary steps to thrive in our evolving professional climate.

  • Acknowledge.  Being in denial is not conducive to success. People who recognize that change happens are more likely to be positive and honest about their situation, and will be better prepared and productive when contributing success to a changing environment.
  • Communicate.  In times of organizational change, open communication is key. Secrecy often leads to speculation, gossip, and complaints, which only fuel feelings of fear, anxiety and resistance. Leadership, employees, and all involved should have a clear understanding of long and short-term objectives and any shifting roles and responsibilities. Knowing the details is important in understanding how one is affected by the change, and how to move in a successful direction for the future.
  • Flexible. Maintaining a flexible position amidst a climate of change is imperative. Flexibility shows bosses and colleagues commitment, and the dynamic ability to adapt is an important asset for any working professional. The better one adapts, the better one fits in.
  • Pride.  The transitional nature of reorganization can cause complacency in the workplace. It is important to realize that work still needs to be done, and taking pride in productivity will not only improve self-respect and confidence, but will also impress any future boss that may step into the changing organization.
  • Maintain.  Maintaining an extensive network of friends and professionals is important in getting solid advice for the transition from individuals who have already experienced similar situations. Also, building and maintaining positive relationships is not only helpful for advice and support, but can serve as a direct channel for professional opportunities down the road.

Have you found opportunity in change?  Please share.

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About Patricia Knight
Hello and welcome. My name is Patricia Knight. Thank you for taking the time to view my blog. I’m a Human Resources professional who is currently pursing an MBA at the University of Nevada-Reno. I am an analytical, detail-oriented professional who believes that collaboration and negotiation are critical for successful employee relations between leadership and employees.

2 Responses to Change Can Create Opportunities

  1. Micah Yost says:

    Great post, Pateicia. I think these are all spot on! I like that you point out acknowledge in this post. You might think that this would be obvious, but I think you show a lot of wisdom by plointing out that it isn’t. I am amazed how “adults” can simply ignore change and deny it. Crazy, but it happens! Thanks for writting. Feel free to tag me on twitter with your new posts.

    Micah Yost

    • Thanks Micah for taking the time to read my post. I am glad you liked it. Currently, my organization is going through tremendous change. Some people are taking it well while others are so resistent that it is creating animosity. We are helping them through acknowledging that change is happening and that this is the way business will be done in the future.


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